What is the Heal The Hood Project?

In 1998 Heal the Hood started out as an informal community based volunteer organisation by the youth for the youth on the Cape Flats. The purpose of our activities provides an alternative cultural experience for historically marginalised youth. Hip hop and its related elements encourage youth to break away from the gangster culture encountered daily on the streets of the Cape Flats. Since inception Heal the Hood has grown to the extent that we now host 3 annual events, regular workshops and produce our own CD’s, DVDs, books, magazines and t-shirts. We want to create a sustainable network of youth nationally and internationally that develops new skills and creates jobs, while art related products and information will be exchanged.

Break-dancing, rapping and graffiti art has been recognised as part of the vocabulary of youth culture and dance music. It is an art form that encourages our youth to share and explore a creative identity that crosses social, economic, cultural, racial and geographic divides, as evidenced in the diversity of participants and the audience. In addition, it is a catalyst for a programme of a particular art practice, discourse and educational projects and is dedicated to the promotion of the self-improvement that spans the mental, emotional and physical health and the importance of arts and culture in creating healthy communities.

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