Offering platforms of positive expression


Bringing local and international documentaries to schools and community centres


Opening platforms for panel discussions and info sharing sessions


Holistic Youth Development through Popular Youth Culture


Heal the Hood Project was created in 1998 by Emile Jansen of “Black Noise” one of South Africa’s pioneering Rap Groups and officially obtained its NPO status in 2008. The focus of the organisation came about by the realization of the importance of interaction between various communities and PUTTING BACK INTO OUR COMMUNITIES. Emile decided to include all the community outreach projects he was initiating in Black Noise as part of Heal the Hood Project and thus expanding the concept of putting back. The Each one Teach one methodology coupled with Do For Self Concerts and principles helped lay the foundation for this.

Mission Statement
To create a sustainable network of youth artists nationally and internationally through which jobs and new skills are created, arts products and arts related information can be distributed.

To provide holistic youth activities, information that addresses community issues and creates a sense of self worth to help them become active participants in a democratic society.



Magee Mcillvane (USA)




Nicole is a senior dance Facilitator at Heal the Hood Project.Nicole’s main influence was obtained at Arts Vibration Incorporated 2 from the age of 12 where she excelled at various different areas, Nicole became a Senior Coordinator at Arts and also was eventually appointed to be on Arts Board as a senior coordinator. She completed her 3 year Vocational Training Certificate at La Rosa Spanish Dance Theatre and during this time she completed her certificate and also became an assistant stage manager for various productions. She assisted Heal the Hood in 2012 for the first time as a stage running manager, and worked at the African Hip Hop Indaba, Break 1 and Break 2 Hip Hop Theatre Productions hosted at the Artscape Theatre.



Andre Bozack is currently an art facilitator for Heal The Hood who has studied graphic design & fine art. He started out as a Bboy touring & assisting Emile YX? & Black Noise. From the start, he has assisted & helped out with both the African Hip Hop Indaba & African Battle Cry.



Shaquile Southgate: Administrator & Event Manager
Shaquile started off as a Freestyle Dancer and MC in the 90’s and together with the crew he was part of “Base Immortal” did community events with Black Noise in their “Do for Self” Hip Hop Concerts. He joined the Heal the Hood Project team after a career in the telecommunication and contact centre industry.



Tanswell Jansen: Managing Director
Tanswell started off as a B-Boy in the 80’s at the age of 5 and often accompanied his older brother Emile to local break Dance Competitions and performances. His love for hip hop culture saw him join Heal the Hood Project after a career in financial management. He is also studied Graphic Design and interned as a Film Student with internationally acclaimed Film Maker Paul Blomgren in Sweden.



Emile Jansen: Founder & Creative Director
Emile Jansen better known as Emile YX? Is the founder of both Heal the Hood Project and Black Noise. Black Noise is one of the pioneering all element Hip Hop Crews that came out of the birth place of Southern African Hip Hop, Cape Town. Emile a qualified School teacher has been active in hip hop since its inception in 1982. He brings a wealth of experience to the organization through his example of “the mathematics of survival as an artist”. His extensive tours and teachings locally and internationally place him firmly as our spokesperson and ambassador.


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